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ABORG Blocks & Filters 98% of SPAM!
ABORG now offers personalized SPAM filter settings. Most ISP's offer one of two choices 1) Filter SPAM  OR  2) Do NOT Filter SPAM. At ABORG we realize that this does not suit all users as some may have a different tolerance for SPAM or require that advertisements be sent to them in the course of running their business. Whatever your reasons - it is your choice - you are in control.

Please read carefully: The lower the number the more effective the filtering. Settings of 3 or below may exclude valuable email. It is therefore recommended to select a value between 4 and 6.

Where does filtered email go? Email destined for your account is automatically placed in a separate folder (spam). You may access this folder by logging into your webmail account ( or at any time to check emails flagged as "spam". If you do NOT see a folder named 'spam' in your webmail account please click on Folders (located at top of your webmail) and ensure your are Subscribed to the 'spam' folder.

NOTE: please clear out your 'spam' folder at least once a month so that it does NOT fill up your email box.

Whitelist: You may whitellist or "unblock" a user who is currently being blocked by our SPAM filters by providing the individuals email address. Click here to use the whitelist form.

Blacklist: You may blackllist or "block" a user who is currently sending you SPAM by providing the individuals email address. Click here to use the blacklist form.

Please select your SPAM  tolerance level :
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